Philip Martin's Calming Spray 250ml

Philip Martin's Calming Spray 250ml

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About the product

Calming and Protective
Calming spray to give relief and protection to the skin before coloring and/or before styling. Its formulation is composed of natural active ingredients such as Aloe juice with a soothing action, Glycerol and Betaine with hydrating power and protective Buddleja Stem Cells which allow significant skin regeneration. Excellent product to refresh and regenerate the skin of the body.

The essence of nature mixed with Green chemistry.

Botanical ingredients of natural and organic origin, blended with the quality and well-being of non-toxic chemicals substances.

The result is the  efficacy and care for customers, collaborators and the environment.


Applied to the skin it has extraordinary moisturising properties comparable to glycerin. Thanks to the presence of numerous methyl groups, this active increases the cell turnover of the stratum corneum, renewing the skin and bringing greater freshness to sensitive skin.


Shrub native to East Asia and also widely spread in Europe. It contains verbascoside, soverbascoside, leucosceptoside A, martinoside, substances that confer antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and photoprotective properties, while phytosterols, amino acids and polysaccharides confer moisture and nutrition.


Rich in polysaccharides, amino acids, organic acids and phytosterols, Aloe juice is ideal for detoxifying and balancing oily skin. It has a re-epitilising, healing, antibacterial and antimicrobial action, helping to restore the balance of the skin's microflora.

What It Solves

Calming Spray soothes and protects the skin helping to reduce itching and irritation.

How To Use

Apply the product on the scalp before colouring and/or bleaching without rinsing or before styling. Apply on the body after sun exposure.