Philip Martin's In Oud Wash 320ml

Philip Martin's In Oud Wash 320ml

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About the product

Shower Shampoo
Shower shampoo for daily cleansing of hair and body skin. Rich in hydrating and emollient active ingredients, it leaves the skin scented with the refined woody and spicy notes of Agarwood resin, typical of the sensual and mysterious Middle Eastern olfactory tradition. In Oud Wash is the sensorial shower shampoo that celebrates well-being on the body. Contains surfactants of vegetal origin.

The essence of nature mixed with Green chemistry.

Botanical ingredients of natural and organic origin, blended with the quality and well-being of non-toxic chemicals substances.

The result is the  efficacy and care for customers, collaborators and the environment.


It performs various functions on the skin: it hydrates and nourishes in an optimal way, it has a soothing, protective, repairing action and above all it combats skin aging. Particularly suitable for healthy and shiny hair, it deeply hydrates it, giving it a shiny and shiny appearance.


The leaves and flowers are used for the preparation. It acts in two ways: it minimizes water evaporation by forming a protective film on the skin, and it acts as a functional factor by determining water recall. Therefore, it has a hydrating, emollient, protective and decongestant action.


The substances contained in blueberry extract are: tannins, anthocyanosides, flavonoids, sugars, vitamin C and inorganic salts. The anthocyanosides contained reduce vessel permeability and have a vasoprotective action (increase capillary resistance and promote the repair of the endothelium).

What It Solves

In Oud Wash is the shower shampoo rich in antioxidant and soothing active ingredients for delicate daily cleansing of skin and hair.
Leaves the skin delicately scented with the refined woody and spicy notes of Agarwood resin.

How To Use

Apply a small amount of product to the palms of your hands, emulsify and distribute by massaging into damp scalp, hair and skin. Rinse thoroughly.