Philip Martin's Murumuru Burro/Butter 200ml

Philip Martin's Murumuru Burro/Butter 200ml

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About the product

Massage Butter
Innovative butter with antioxidant and protective action, suitable for all types of body massage. Vitamins A and F make the product moisturising, elasticising and sebum-regulating. Excellent also as a nourishing treatment for dry or chemically treated hair. 

The essence of nature mixed with Green chemistry.

Botanical ingredients of natural and organic origin, blended with the quality and well-being of non-toxic chemicals substances.

The result is the  efficacy and care for customers, collaborators and the environment.


Rich in unsaturated fatty acids, it is an excellent antioxidant capable of protecting cell membranes and fighting free radicals. Contains vitamin B6, B5, B3 and minerals such as selenium, iron, copper, zinc, phosphorus, magnesium and manganese, has remineralising properties.


Rich in folic acid or vitamin B29, potassium, saturated fats and proteins, it has nourishing, emollient and elasticising properties. Thanks to its high dermoaffinity, almond oil makes the skin more elastic and prevents the formation of stretch marks.


The high quantity of fats in cocoa butter has a protective action which gives it emollient and nourishing properties, while the presence of polyphenols stimulates the production of collagen and counteracts the effects of free radicals.


It has emollient, hydrating, soothing and protective properties to combat dryness and fragility of hair. With its antioxidant action it protects the skin and hair by removing the action of free radicals.
Rich in vitamins A, E and D.


Extracted from palm seeds, murumuru butter is rich in antioxidant and emollient properties thanks to vitamin A, vitamin F and fatty acids (oleic and linoleic) which keep the skin elastic and protect dry hair by repairing it.


Famous for its antioxidant properties, it fights free radicals and promotes cell renewal. It carries out an action of safeguarding and protecting cells. It stimulates blood circulation in the scalp and gives healthy, shiny hair and slows hair loss.

What It Solves

Innovative butter with antioxidant and protective action that hydrates skin and hair. Ideal as a massage butter or as a super nourishing pack for dry or treated hair.

How To Use

Apply before washing and leave for 5 to 15 minutes.
Apply the product to the body and proceed with the massage.