Herome - Natural Nail Whitener 10ml

Herome - Natural Nail Whitener 10ml

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About the product

 This polish camouflages discolorations and gives a brilliant shine. Ideal if you don’t have time to paint your nails with a base coat, coloured polish and top coat. The Natural Nail Whitener Pink Glow dries within one minute and your nails will look perfectly groomed straight after.

  • Nail edges look whiter.
  • Accentuates the natural pink colour of the nail.
  • Camouflages discolorations.
  • Gives a nice bright shine.
  • Dry in one minute.
  • Great in combination with the Nail White Pencil.

How to use?

Apply one or two coats of polish to camouflage any discoloration. Let the polish dry for a while and after one minute you will see a clear result.