Geske Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser 8 in 1 Gray

Geske Aqua-Stream Face Cleanser 8 in 1 Gray

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About the product

An all-in-one super cleanser that not only unclogs your pores and prevents 
impurities, but also expertly extracts blackheads and hydrates red and dry 
skin. Get ready to galvanize your skin with an exfoliating aqua facial like no 

The Facial Cleanser| 8 in 1 equipped with:

  • AirPulse Suction Deep Pore Cleansing to gently draw out impurities from deep within your pores
    - Hydrating Ultra Deep Aqua Cleansing to nourish your skin with the moisturizing power of water
    -Impurities Prevention Technology to strengthen your skin against unwanted impurities
    - Superior Blackhead Extraction Technology, which effectively removes blackheads for a clear complexion
    - Exfoliating Aqua-Stream Technology to erase dirt and impurities with a potent stream of water
    - Energizing Hydra Refreshing Technology, which revitalizes your skin for lasting radiance
    - Redness and Dry Skin Reducer to soothe inflamed and dehydrated skin and restore its natural glow.

How to Use

1.Fill the Tank
Remove the outer cover from the device and place 12ml of our Aqua-Stream Solution into the compartment of the tank that has the straw in it. Fit the tank back onto the device and put the cover back on. 

2.Power On 
Hold the power button for 2 seconds to turn on the Exfoliating Aqua-Stream Technology. Press the power button to cycle through the intensities and select your desired setting.

Hold the device vertically, so that it doesn't swtich off. Make sure not to hold the device stationary in any part of your face. Keep moving it as you cleanse.

4. Cleanse
Using the face attachment. glide the device across your chin, cheeks, and forehead. Then, change the tip to the smaller size for the nose and glide the device down & around the nose.

Turn the device off and empty the tank. Rinse the cap and tank with water and let dry. Also clean the device using the rinsing attachment.

6. Moisturize
Apply a Geske moisturizer to your face and enjoy your newfound radiance.