Geske Micro Needle Face Roller 9 in 1 Magenta

Geske Micro Needle Face Roller 9 in 1 Magenta

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About the product

It comes with three easily exchangeable attachments: Microneedle, Cooling, and Rose 
Quartz Heads that are easily exchangeable for hygienic usage. 

The Micro Needle Face Roller | 9 in 1 equipped with:

  • Cell Stimulation System - 540 of 0.3mm needles; can be done on eyes, lips, face, and neck.
    - Deep Derma Skin Renewal & Firming Technology - Stimulate the deeper layers of the skin with the easily exchangeable needling, cooling & rose quartz heads.
    - Detox Rose Quartz Spa Session - The rose quartz attachment 
    pampers your skin through the stimulation of micro-circulation

    - Energizing Cooling Technology – before starting cooling session, place the device in the refrigerator; Our cooling needle roller head attachment uses quick-freezing gel beads to drop your skin temperature immediately.
    - Fine Lines Refinement Technology
    - Impurities Prevention Technology
    -  Red Light Active Regeneration Technology - minimising fine lines and boosting skin’s natural renewal processes
    - SmartSonic Pulsation Technology - sends out 14,000 sonic pulsations per minute to gently remove the dirt, oil and makeup residue from your skin.

How to Use

1.Prep Your Skin
Fit the needle roll onto the device. Cleanse your face and prepare to roll fine lines away for an ageless radiance.

2.Power On
Turn on the skin-renewing Smartsonic Pulsation Technology by holding the power button for 2 seconds. 

3.Roll Your Face
Divide your face into 4 quadrants and roll each section for 15 seconds in vertical, horizontal, and diagonal lines.

4.Roll Your Neck 
Next, spend 60 seconds rolling the neck and then 60 seconds rolling the decollete to renew your skin and make it firmer.

5.Power Off
Turn the device off by holding the power button for 2 seconds.

6.Apply Serum
Apply a Geske serum to your face and neck to maximaize the anti-aging effect of your microneedle rolling session.

Finally, spray the needle roll with alcohol spray. Let it air dry. Clean your device with Geske Organic Device Cleanser after every use.