Geske MicroCurrent Skin Scrubber Black Head Remover 9in1 Gray

Geske MicroCurrent Skin Scrubber Black Head Remover 9in1 Gray

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About the product

A 5-minute daily workout that provides an Anti-Ageing Massage, a MicroCurrent FaceLift, and an Ultra-Hygienic Deep Cleansing, you’re on the fast lane towards tighter & 
brighter skin.

The Facial Skin Scrubber & Black Head Remiver | 9 in 1 equipped with:

  • SmartSonic Pulsation technologies - this cutting-edge device stimulates over 65 muscles in your face & neck to improve facial contour, toning, and control the appearance of fine lines
    - Dry and Dead Cell Removing Technology frees your skin from old skin cells, leaving your skin soft and smooth.
    -  Anti-Ageing Massage, MicroCurrent Face-Lift
    - ION- Deep Nurturing Technology - Imagine an efficient magnet which draws out dirt that you can’t even see with your bare eyes straight from your pore
    - ION+ Ultra Hygienic Deep Cleansing prepares your skin to absorb all the 
    nutrients it needs to preserve a radiant, youthful look
    -  Pore-Opening Deep Warming Technology
    - Red Light Active Regeneration Technology helps keep your skin healthy and free 
    of blemishes and impurities.
    - MicroCurrent Face-Lift Technology activates your skin's natural regeneration 
    processes, so your own body tightens your skin for a reenergised, healthy looking face.

How to Use

1.Prep Your Skin
Apply our Hydrating MicroCurrent Gel developed especially for MicroCurrent sessions.

2.Power On
Turn on the device by holding the power button for 2 seconds.

Using the power button, cycle through the functions till the Exfoliate LED indicator is on, activating the Ion+ Deep Cleansing Technology

Hold the device so that the LED lights are facing away from you and angle the spatula to 30 degrees. Glide the device from your chin to lips and along the nose and cheeks.

Turn the device off and rinse the device with mild soap and water. Clean your device with the Geske Organic Cleanser after every use.