Geske Sonic Warm & Cool Eye Energizer 6in1 Gray

Geske Sonic Warm & Cool Eye Energizer 6in1 Gray

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About the product

Smartphones, iPads, television, laptops - your eyes are strained every day for hours on end. Pair that with a hectic schedule and daily stress, and you have the recipe for sleepless nights. To combat the strain on your eyes and get them twinkling with joy, we have the perfect solution - the SmartAppGuided™ Warm & Cool Eye Energizer | 6 in 1.

Using the GESKE German Beauty Tech App, rejuvenate yourself with a Cooling Eye Energizer or a Warming Eye Soother Session. Better yet, do a bit of cooling and a bit of warming with the Complete Eye Refresher Session that is sure to refresh you and ensures your smile lights up your eyes.

The magical Warm & Cool Eye Energizer | 6 in 1 is equipped with:

- Skin Scan & Personal Routine Guide powered by cutting-edge AI technology to ensure you get the most out of your device
- SmartSonic Pulsation Technology to gently massage the area around your eyes
- High Efficiency Depuffing System that reduces puffiness around the eyes
- Energizing Eye Cooling Technology that fights dark circles and fatigue around the eyes
- Relaxing Eye Warming Technology that stimulates blood flow and distribution of oxygen around the eyes
- Youthful Glow Massage Technology that lifts, firms and tones the skin around your eyes

With these varied technologies, your Warm & Cool Eye Energizer | 6 in 1 addresses the following aspects of your skin:

- Skin Glow
- Eye Bags
- Dark Circles
- Fine Lines
- Texture

Powered by cutting-edge AI technology, the GESKE German Beauty Tech App's powerful algorithm analyzes your skin and recommends devices that are perfectly tailored to your skin’s needs. Set your Skin Goals and follow thousands of video-guided training Sessions to get the most out of your device. Dive into the never-before-seen experience of observing your skin inching towards visible perfection with GESKE.

The beauty Gods at ELLE have awarded GESKE the title of Elle No.1 Beauty Innovation. Align with the penultimate fashion experts at ELLE and with the Warm & Cool Eye Energizer | 6 in 1, let your eyes do the talking and twinkling!