Herome - Ridge Filling Base Coat 10ml

Herome - Ridge Filling Base Coat 10ml

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About the product

The Ridge Filling Base Coat ensures that colour pigments from nail polish do not stain the nails. The base coat evens out an uneven or ridged nail plate. The nails become smoother and beautifully even.

  • Fills imperfections and makes the nail surface even and smooth.
  • Protects the nail against staining. 
  • Ensures that a second layer of (coloured) nail polish adheres better and lasts longer.
  • Gives a beautiful shine.

How to use?

Apply one layer to the nails. Then the coloured nail polish or a French Manicure can be applied. The Ridge Filling Base Coat gives a brilliant shine, so you can also use the base coat as a decorative polish.