Hydropeptide Advanced Hydration Kit

Hydropeptide Advanced Hydration Kit

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About the Product:

Moisture Rich Favorites

Moisture is the key to healthy, youthful skin. Replenish your reserves with hyaluronic acid, powerful antioxidants, and our exclusive, patented peptide CellRenew-16. Use the PolyPeptide Collagel Mask to reveal a brighter, rejuvenated complexion. Follow with Daily Drench serum, and lock in lasting hydration with Power Luxe. Optimist does the work of 4 products in one; the perfect last step in your routine, or a deeply hydrating pick-me-up whenever you need one. 

All skin type.

Kit Includes:

  • Full-Size Optimist
  • Travel Power Luxe
  • Travel Daily Drench
  • Collagel Face Mask Sachet x 2

How to Use:

These formulas are designed to immediately rehydrate your skin and deliver lasting moisture.

Potent ingredients like triple-weight hyaluronic acid, caviar extract, bakuchiol, and our exclusive, patented peptide CellRenew-16 power this lineup of skin-transforming products.


+Encourages cell turn over

+Protects and restores the natural lipid barrier of your skin

+Fights free-radical damage​

+Improves fine lines and wrinkles


+Dry skin


+Fine lines​

+Aging skin