marocMaroc Moisturizing Body Milk

marocMaroc Moisturizing Body Milk

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About the Product

This silky, liquid milk provides everything your skin needs to be regenerated, softened and moisturized. Its ingredients attract and hold onto water, preventing it from evaporating too quickly. The skin is left velvety and very comfortable, with a hydrolipid film that does not feel tight but ensures a barrier function. Silicone-free and non-comedogenic efficacy.

Key Ingredients:

Rosa canina

Rosa canina is the wild rose that bears an accessory fruit: rose hip. Extremely rich in vitamin C, this fruit is highly sought-after in winter to protect against colds and, more generally, strengthen the body.

In our range, we use the antioxidant and antibacterial extract obtained from its beautiful flowers.


The argan tree, endemic to south Morocco, plays a key ecological role in protecting the area from desertification and soil erosion. It produces an edible oil when its fruit is roasted, or a cosmetic plant oil if it is extracted by first cold pressing. Argan oil benefits from a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) guarantee label which confirms its origin. In order to preserve its main active ingredients and pleasant taste, it must not be exposed to heat.

The economic sector for this oil is set apart by the fact that it involves women, who are often in a precarious situation. They harvest the argan, then produce this oil for small communities.

It is appreciated in cosmetics for its unique components, in particular omega 6 and 9, vitamin E and squalene. Its polyunsaturated fatty acids give it anti-aging and antioxidant properties which Berber women had intuitively known for centuries. Argan oil rebuilds the cutaneous barrier, limits skin water loss and increases collagen synthesis.

We also appreciate the shell of the stone – a residue from the manufacture of the oil – which, when dried and reduced to a powder, becomes an effective natural exfoliator.

Morocco's Pale Rose

Its name is a testimony to where it grows best. In Latin “rosa centifolia”, it reflects the impression it gives of having one hundred petals (or one hundred leaves). Also known as rose de mai or Provence rose, its bright pink color is gradated and it exudes a light, delicate scent.

It is gentle on the skin allowing it to be used in cosmetics. In both the East and West, it is often used to remove make-up. In Morocco, it is used to dilute rhassoul – a type of clay – to make skin and hair masks.

The ingredients it provides (essential oil, extract, floral water) remain expensive because it only flowers once a year.

How to use?

Apply to the body after showering with marocMaroc Infusion D'Orange 
Shower Milk 150ml