marocMaroc Nourishing Face Cream

marocMaroc Nourishing Face Cream

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About the Product

This product is like a second skin, a cocoon for the epidermis. This beneficial emulsion watches over the structure of the hydrolipid film and acts on the key factors in hydration, softness and cutaneous comfort. Its formula has been developed to offer a generous oily phase with argan oil, and an aqueous phase enhanced by hyaluronic acid, a real moisture magnet. An essential product which is also addictive due to its fragrance and finish.

Key Ingredients:


The argan tree, endemic to south Morocco, plays a key ecological role in protecting the area from desertification and soil erosion. It produces an edible oil when its fruit is roasted, or a cosmetic plant oil if it is extracted by first cold pressing. Argan oil benefits from a PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) guarantee label which confirms its origin. In order to preserve its main active ingredients and pleasant taste, it must not be exposed to heat.

The economic sector for this oil is set apart by the fact that it involves women, who are often in a precarious situation. They harvest the argan, then produce this oil for small communities.

It is appreciated in cosmetics for its unique components, in particular omega 6 and 9, vitamin E and squalene. Its polyunsaturated fatty acids give it anti-aging and antioxidant properties which Berber women had intuitively known for centuries. Argan oil rebuilds the cutaneous barrier, limits skin water loss and increases collagen synthesis.

We also appreciate the shell of the stone – a residue from the manufacture of the oil – which, when dried and reduced to a powder, becomes an effective natural exfoliator.


People have been using honey since the dawn of time, and it has always had a special character and status. Olympians drink ambrosia – a mixture of milk and honey. Since ancient times, Romans, Greeks and Egyptians have been eating honey and using it to treat wounds and burns and make the skin more beautiful. We have always been aware of its regenerating and antiseptic properties, but they are now also scientifically recognized.

It can be used pure or as an extract in cosmetics to make the most of its numerous detoxifying, softening and regenerating properties and the vitamins, minerals and amino acids it contains.

Dates and Date Trees

This tree, which has been grown for hundreds of years, is now found in all arid and semi-arid hot areas around the globe. Dates are one of the four fruits (along with the jujube fruit, Corinth raisins and figs) used in remedies for chest infections. Highly nutritional, this fruit is now recommended for athletes and convalescents. Its exceptionally sugary, high-carb fruit is delicious: date honey is still made today, while medieval drinks used its stone for seasoning. Dates also contains minerals, amino acids, vitamin C and retinol.

Date extract naturally remineralizes; the oil extracted from the stone is rich in omega 6 and 9 which help soften the skin while limiting water loss.

We also use desert date oil which does not come from the same tree. This other active ingredient is rich in unsaturated fatty acids (omega 6 and 9) which have softening and emollient properties, phytosterols which play a role in the cohesion of the hydrolipid film and antioxidant vitamin E.

How to use?

Apply morning and evening to the face and neck. For the best results use after the marocMaroc Caresse de Néroli Gentle Make-up Remover 200ml.