marocMaroc Purifying Mask

marocMaroc Purifying Mask

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About the Product

This very rich mask absorbs sebum and impurities, promising to leave your skin cleansed, pure and refreshed. Rhassoul clay, a classic ingredient in purifying rituals, is combined with gentle white clay for a rich, pleasant texture. You’ll remember what it was like to have matte, balanced skin and a refined skin texture. Combination to oily skin types will appreciate this effective mask which doesn’t cause tightness.

Key Ingredients:

White Clay

White clay is sometimes called kaolin, named after the Chinese city Kao-Ling where it was discovered. It is one of the main ingredients used in natural beauty products, naturopathy and for treating animals. It is quite common for clay plaster to be used to dress a lame horse.

White clay, which can also be harvested in France (the clay we particularly appreciate), is naturally rich in metals and due to its structure has a high absorption capacity. Its efficacy means it is often used in purifying products to capture sebum and impurities.


Rhassoul is a type of clay collected in the Moroccan Atlas Mountains, where the soil is not fertile but dry. Rhassoul requires limited intervention; it is simply dried in the sun and sometimes reduced to a fine powder to facilitate use.

In pharmaceutics and cosmetics, it is frequently used to neutralize substances or purify an environment, for example water.

It is different from other clays due to its ability to absorb large amounts of water (1.66 times its weight), becoming a liquid paste. Ancestral Moroccan rituals have been using it for many years for its cleansing properties.

Rhassoul is often combined with a floral water or argan oil to create a 100% natural mask.  Applied to the skin or hair, it captures sebum and impurities, acting like a natural mineral soap.

Eau de Source

Specifically designed to adorn face care products, and in particular to purify the skin, this perfume plays with the elements, with accents which are sometimes earthy, sometimes watery and sometimes even airy. This sensory waltz is orchestrated by fruit. The freshness of melon is savored along with cheery citrus – tangy lemon and up-front bergamot redolent of Earl Grey tea. The ozone note penetrates the creation for an airy, aqueous accord, carrying with it a little of the softness of shy green lily of the valley.

How to use?

Apply a thin layer to clean, dry skin. Leave for 10 minutes before removing with warm water. For best results follow with marocMaroc Richesse d'Arganier Nourishing Cream 50ml.